Ann Lavender

With a deep passion for real estate and backed by the expertise of the Price Agency Group Realty Executives, Ann is dedicated to meeting all your real estate needs. Although a newly licensed realtor, she has been following the real estate industry for many years. Ann is fortunate to have gained a wealth of knowledge from her Broker, Sara Price, and a mentor with two decades of experience. As she continues to gain experience, Ann is committed to upholding integrity, professionalism, and punctuality. Her favorite Scripture, Philippians 4:13, inspires her: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”.

Having retired as a Customer Service Agent from Delta Air Lines, Ann has traveled extensively. Despite her travels, East Tennessee has always been her home of choice. She has spent most of her life in Tennessee and has been a resident of Blount County for 33 years. The natural beauty of the region is matched by the authentic Fellowship among its residents. The true spirit of “Love your neighbor as yourself” is a priceless aspect of this community. Ann is committed to advocating for you, working diligently on your behalf, and you can trust in her honesty and integrity.

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